A Career In Civil Engineering

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My parents were astonished with my decision to build a career in the field of computers, because by then I already joined my under graduation course with civil engineering as my major. Their main concern is, if I will be able to excel in computer science with a major in a non-computers program. Why not? The world’s first programmable computer was invented by a civil engineer, Konrad Zuse. His work on Plankalkul (Plan calculus) and an attempt to devise an algorithmic language for the first time ever is amazing and made me believe that I could make a career in the field of computers as well. During my under graduation, we had a few CS courses in our freshman year. I realized I was more inclined towards learning those courses. Despite my civil…show more content…
I also took several MOOCs to learn about various aspects of Computer Science like algorithms, data bases and computer architecture. The fascinating aspect of this learning experience was that I could complete the assignments and course work within the stipulated time. I was also able to apply the programming related aspects to a few of my civil engineering labs. Though I was taking time to get acquainted with the courses related to computers, I never neglected my core branch and graduated with distinction. After graduation, it was clear to me that I thirst for a graduate program that would help me acquire better knowledge to tackle the most diverse and intricate problems. I wanted to gain real time industry experience beforehand so as to get a clear picture of how the software industry works. I was able to clear all the interviews which were expecting good programming and software development skills and I finally decided to join IBM, under the designation of Associate Systems Engineer. I believe that my…show more content…
Currently I’m working on Bombardier Aerospace project as an ABAP HR consultant. My responsibilities include design, implementation and evaluation of complex technical solutions. I always try to optimize the programming logic and write better code in order to reduce the run time, as the datasets we deal with are very huge. Supporting the client’s business and analytical applications; minimizing the cost of information delivery; creating and managing guidelines to ensure that the data is maintained securely; ensuring data quality so as to meet the requirements for modeling and simulation, so that disparate sources can meet legal and regulatory compliance are some of my duties through which I was able to gain functional knowledge. This substantially helped me in not confining myself to the current level. The positive feedback from my team leader and managers instilled confidence in my technical knowledge. My experience in IBM, working on a real time project has been exhilarating. I take up assignments proactively and start looking for any possibility of optimizing the programming logic in order to

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