Personal Narrative: Pursuing A Career

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“Tahj . . . I want you to choose a major that has a large amount of job opportunities and high paying salaries allowing you to be financial stable when it comes times for you to start your own family.” Those were the words my mother said to me the day before I started high school. She believed that money and happiness were intertwined. That more money could lead to more happy moments, more laughing times, and less financially rooted arguments. She believed this not based on experience, but lack thereof. Throughout high school, she edged me towards a career that wouldn’t have me have me ripping my hair out to find money to pay the bills. Business, Engineering, Physics. She wanted me to experience all of these careers, so I could see which one I actually liked.…show more content…
Prior to the first day of the class, I was extremely excited. Day after day on TV, I saw businessmen and woman dressed in the sharpest attire, looking very professional. Silk suits, radiant ties, and fresh watches. That, in my own opinion, was a businessman. However, after the first week of class, I came to the conclusion that business wasn’t for me. Behind the dashing suits, classy ties, and glowing watches, was the side of business I didn’t want to deal with. The numbers and formulas were too much. It forced me to eliminate any and all business careers off my list. After enduring a whole semester of banging my head against the wall, I took a u-turn in the engineering

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