Personal Statement: A Career In Electrical Engineering

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I connect my black and white dreams with this proverb and confidently believe that it coincides with my character. It gives me an optimistic hope that someday my dreams would make a colourful presence in my real life. It has loaded me with a tremendous load of motivation and self-confidence. I had realised that failures are the stepping stones that guide you as pathbreakers to success. Our world has seen a plethora of events and time has paced itself with specific benchmarks at each era of history. One such sparkling benchmark was the discovery of electricity. Our evolution into a technological planet has been facilitated by the phenomenal applications of electricity in every possible field. Unlike every engineer who had a desire to choose his or her particular field right from the childhood, the decision to plug-in my career into Electrical engineering was not a pre-planned decision. As my academic career got bolstered by the various aspects of physics, electricity concepts sculpted my initial interest in this field. It created a deep impact in me to sail through the engineering ocean and I chose Electrical Engineering with a passion to learn more about this field.…show more content…
My astuteness in Mathematics and Science adorned my engineering knowledge with an organized outlook. The advanced electrical concepts may have had a theoretical appearance during my course, but I always had an innovative insight to analyse and apply such concepts and develop solutions for the global good. C, C++ and Java have been the lovely programming accessories decorating my Computer Science acumen. My performances in theoretical and practical classes won good appreciation from the faculties and this gave me a confidence to maintain my technical

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