My Coaching Philosophy

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There are so many things to think about when developing a coaching philosophy for yourself. Obviously every coaching situation cannot be pre-evaluated but it certainly cannot hurt a coach. To think about what decisions a coach may face when making and facing a crucial moment during practice, games and dealing with athletes, parents, fans and administrators, is unplanned. I desire to coach at the high school level. The field is where I want to be; it is where I have the greatest potential as a head coach because I understand and love the game better than any other coach. I have played; I also have a passion for the sport that shaped my character in many different ways. I think knowing who I am and what I stand for not only as a person but as a coach will help me know how to react to problems, success and failure. My philosophy consists of who I am what I stand for and what I want to achieve as a coach and in some aspects it is what I wish to make as a role model. As a coach, I have goals that I will strive for. I want to strive to be an excellent role model for my…show more content…
I want them to learn good sportsmanship, how to work hard for something. I want them to realize they can all lead, even if there not starting and sitting on the bench. I want them to understand how to work with their team and how to push their teammates to reach their potential too. I want them to be able to gain the respect of not only me as the head coach, but the rest of the coaching staff, and teammates. I want them to understand that they are responsible for their actions. I want to show them compassion, forgiveness, and how to genuinely care for their team. That from the time they are on the team they are now family. I want to teach them the value of honesty. I desire them to follow rules and protect each other. This is what I want my players to leave my program

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