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Sports and recreation have become major contributions to social, economic, and political reforms. Specifically, college athletics has played a major role in American society today. Players, coaches, parents, boosters, etc. all play major roles in the success of athletic programs throughout the nation in a wide variety of competitive settings. However, one of the most important roles in the success of college athletic programs is the athletic director. Athletic directors are in charge of making sure policies and procedures are in place to ensure universities are in proper compliance with their governing bodies, conference, and university rules and regulations. In this paper we will look at my personal philosophy of the college athletic director…show more content…
The proportionality test deals with making sure that enrollment percentages are equitable with participation percentages. The history of expanding opportunities looks at whether or not the institutions have a history of providing and expanding opportunities to the underrepresented gender. The accommodation of interests and abilities looks at whether they are providing for the interests and abilities of the…show more content…
School Board of Brevard County. The issue was between the boys’ baseball and girls’ softball teams, because of deficiencies in the facilities for the girls’ compared to the boys’. “In order, the court identified specific inequalities in respect to the following matters: electronic scoreboard, batting cage, bleachers, signs, bathrooms, concessions facilities, and field lighting” (Thornton, 2012). The court wanted the school to make a plan on how they would fix the facilities and make sure both teams had equal benefits of facilities. There are many issues that go into this part of Title IX that we could look at because it is almost everything that is left after the three prong test and scholarships. Compared to the other parts of Title IX that must be equitable, the benefits and treatment must be equal. Most of my philosophies on this part of Title IX can be taken from the articles of Women’s Sports Foundation, Gender Equity Planning, and Twenty Tips for Developing a Title IX Action

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