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Long essay number 2 “third-wave feminism” The novel Street Meeting by Mark Wild was a very insightful analysis of new thinking and relating it to Los Angeles. The author throughout the book explores the different shared cultural interactions in which each one shaped the unique identities and experiences of individuals. As I read, Wild’s approach is guided by the multiple dilemma of the specific modern American identity. The certain modern American identity he is examining seeks unity amidst persistent cultural diversity and inequality. Throughout the novel we are able to find the promise of unity in certain specific traditions. There is meaningful cultural interactions and coalition building that have strongly marked urban Los Angeles’…show more content…
The chapter solely focuses on love, sex, and marriage and the author also talks about a very fascinating analysis of the Los Angeles prostitution. On page 121, it talks about the many colors of love and explains how sexual and romantic relationships fire up the deep inward feelings and reactions amongst people. The many colors of love relate to a lot of different races and groups which makes things controversial because racism expands highly. It does not matter if it is in the context of prostitution, marriage, or dating, the people always seemed to pose a threat to certain racial and ethnic communities that were established(121). All different types of people are the ones who have contributed to this prostitution “business” issue in Los Angeles. It is both the female and the male who are involved and they both contribute different reasons in determining their manipulation of the racial differences to gain a higher profit which is wrong and racist. For example, in the book on page 123 a black prostitutes states that she likes to have white trade because it will pay more. During this certain time period people from all different cultures were involved in the sex trade and they would all engage with one another no matter what the race is, as long as it was fair to them about the pay. Usually, a black man would not want to sleep with a white woman if money wasn’t involved, but with prostitution it is and that is a huge factor and changes their views. As long as they were happy with the profit, they could care less the race of the

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