Conflict Theory Of Homelessness Research Paper

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Homelessness is a worldwide problem and people have different ways to view it and the extent to which it affects individuals, economies, and whole societies, as there are a number of theoretical issues. An important sociological framework is conflict theory, which it views homelessness in society as a sign of inequity of power in a capitalist system. Homelessness in Australia has become a larger issue for society and the population has become their own societies. Homelessness in Australia has increased over the past years by a growing shortage of affordable rental housing. Those who are homeless lack economic, social and human capital due to the epidemic of homelessness that involves capitalism. Homelessness is a serious societal problems caused…show more content…
Homeless people have little power to impact falling wage rates, change tax policies that benefit rich people, and increase aids for the poor. Conflict theory argues that the reasons for prevalence of homelessness is not the homeless individual’s lack of ability to advance themselves but the cause of homelessness is from the capitalist social class. Society has many different ways to view homelessness and to the extent it affects the individuals, economies and whole societies. Conflict theory provides a key perspective for a sociologist’ observations and this perspective can often accurately prove the separations in society and how those in power can exploit people of lower status. Conflict theory defines that the powerful class prevent the individual or group from achieving a desired goal or certain aspect of living. Conflict theory can be used to explain capitalism and homelessness in constant hatred held by those who have against those who are labelled as the ‘have nots’ towards the…show more content…
Modern conflict theorists would look at the inequality of a capitalist economic system where as conflict theorist tend to focus on macro issues viewing how society’s structure contribute to the conflict. Homelessness are a serious societal problems that are caused by a lack of adequate needs that it results in the blames and isolation of the homelessness from the rest of society (Newman,2011).Many theorists would use conflict theory where it examines the macro conflict between different groups of the society and different social class. The study on inequality in sociology involves a reflection of conflict theory where the theory applies to social class (Morris,Judd & Kavangh,2005). Wealth people dominate over the homeless population by the means of education, power and wealth. Sociologists argue that such strong wealth weakens social equality because the rich are seen as more important and are served before people in the society with less wealth (Levin,

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