Personal Coaching Philosophy

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My life has revolved around sport for as long as I can remember, and remains to be. As I approach graduation next month, I aspire to work in athletics at the collegiate or high school level. In addition, I hope to one day be a head varsity basketball coach at the high school level. No matter where life post-graduation takes me, I plan on coaching at some point in my life. Throughout my life, I have had various coaches that have had an impact on who I am and who I plan to be when I become a coach. My dad, my park district coach, my high school basketball coach, and Coach Mack have all influenced who I am as I venture into coaching for myself. All those coaches have instilled in me a love for the game of basketball that continues to persist over…show more content…
These characteristics accompanied by commitment, hard work, and a proper attitude help build a team that is united, plays together, and has the ability to reach their ultimate potential. At the end of the day, I desire not only to prepare my team for the battle that may take place on the field or court, but on the battlefield of life and everything that comes with it. In order to understand my coaching philosophy, I must first convey why I have a desire to be a coach at this point in time. With all the corruption, scandal, and drama that comes with athletics nowadays, I am aspiring to be a difference maker in the industry. Even at the high school level, I believe the seemingly smallest impact has the potential to make the biggest difference. The opportunity to be a coach in my future would be a prospect I would love and cherish. This role would allow me to be a leader for others, role model for students and athletes, and a…show more content…
My goal is to be an inclusive coach that “has the ability to positively and effectively coach a group of athletes who may have very different needs” (Inclusive Coaching, 2018). Coaches may have the opportunity to instruct athletes that come from a different background, have a different skin tone, have a physical/mental disability, or have a different sexual orientation. In the end, a coach must always be a role model for inclusivity and display that through their time as a coach. Life is full of people that are like you, but also full of people that are different from you. It is important for a coach to be prepared for whatever may come their way, but they must remember to constantly emphasize their ways of openness and acceptance of all types of

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