The Importance Of Coaching In Sports

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Throughout my life, I have realized that coaches wear many different hats. Whether it is being a leader, pseudo psychologist, friend, teacher, administrator, fundraiser or role model. Coaching is one of the most demanding positions I have come across. That being said, it isn’t for everyone, and often times I have met coaches that lacked consistency in what they called “principles.” Today I realize that it wasn't necessarily inconsistency, rather, it was a lack of well-documented ethos - a coaching philosophy. Without having a coaching philosophy in mind, their coaching was completely reactionary. They did not prepare for different scenarios; they simply followed their gut instinct and acted without thinking of the consequences. While relying…show more content…
Although this would look differently depending on the age of the players. One must gauge the skill levels of individual players and start filling in knowledge gaps of the fundamental principles of the sport in question. Once the players manage to solidify their understanding of these principles, and the players start to take ownership in their own game. One can begin sharpening individual positions, and developing players based on what they enjoy doing and what they are naturally skilled at. However, along with sport specific development that is done at practice, another equally important component in athlete development is done off the field. Teaching life skills through sport, not only brings players closer with each other, but instills fundamental values like selflessness and sacrifice that are not easily transmitted through drills. In the same vein, teaching your players the importance of being well rounded, maintaining their grades, and creating an alumni network that is present in their lives will help them for years to come. One must make players feel like their coach cares about them; only then will a coach be able to make a meaningful connection with

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