Toni Morrison's New Essays On Song Of Solomon

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In the article “African American Review” by Denise Heinze, Heinze beliefs that in “New Essays on Song of Solomon” by Valerie Smith, Smith explaining that Toni Morrison is mainly focus on the theme of race, gender history, and culture that is surrounded by Milkman in the story of song of Solomon. Yet Heinze explains “The essays offer a substantive review of familiar readings of the novel while making accessible new and difficult theoretical applications of narrative and language.”(Heinze 159-160) Heinze thinks that the novel is connected to the same concept of just background on African American culture in Morrison Song of Solomon. Yet Heinze goes on to explain that Valerie Smith's introduction properly at the beginning putting Morrison in the fight over introducing and judgment, specially her fight to the influence of African American literature on to more readers so they can have a better understanding. In Toni Morrison book "Song of…show more content…
While learning who he is and finding his own identity in the process. In the event of danger when he goes off looking for gold, Milkman main focus is on the gold and nothing else not even his life. It takes the events of him almost dying to make him know what is more important. Morrison writes, “Milkman became agile, pulling himself up the rock face, digging his knees into crevices, searching with his fingers for solid earth patches or ledges of stone. He left off thinking and let his body do the work.” (Morrison 409). We finally see Milkman figure out how to travel through the landscape safely instead of going against it and causing his death. Also rather then to think like a child he instead thinks like a man that need to get where he wants safely and focused on his objective: Milkman is more focused on how to get over the dangerous trail without having any harm get to him, so much so that he finally learns to be hard working at something for once in his

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