Personal Narrative: A Look At Tola

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I look at Tola. He sacrificed everything to save me. He had abandoned his people, even Kevor to find me. Brenna stands with us, and I fear her dagger throwing will get us all killed. But I can’t blame her. I step back a bit and turn to see we are not alone. Besides Jerome, and Bethany, there is Serrat and Mathin. Serrat is holding Sara, who is scared, and rubbing her eyes for lack of sleep. Kayla turns toward us. I stand still, as one by one, everyone, but our little group goes to stand behind her. Hanau limps to join us, as the healers leave him, to join the others. I feel Brenna’s uninjured hand slip into mine. It shakes as Kayla turns away from us, for the last time. I lost my mother in death. Brenna has lost the only woman who raised her by choosing to stand by me. Kayla directs everyone to different areas of exiting the city, planning to abandon the city. The Den has been raided, and there are so many dead, there was nothing to…show more content…
A great warrior, and a capable killer. For one to fight well, one must also kill well. They never tell you that, and I never made such a connection, until now. After many foes fall to his feet, he brings the daughter back to the god. But the god, like many of the roman gods, knows only how to twist and trick words into fates of hellish design. The god tells this warrior that his family is now saved by his action. But as the faun rejoices, he sees the shades of his family pass by in the air. He looks to the god for answers as he mourns. The god only smiles and explains that they are being released to the realm of eternal peace. Don't trust anyone to help you when they are in trouble. Ben always said that part, trying to be serious though we usually ended up in a fit of giggles by his attempts. Perta had betrayed Kevor to his death. I don't think it was for the reasons Kayla thinks. If Perta had wanted me alive, it would have been him, not Emperor Maximian at my cell door with the

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