Tommies In Inventor's Parade

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“No one remains the same when growing up.” In the beginning Alyss is characterized as disobedient, immature, not well-disciplined and unworldly. I would also describe her as easily-impacted. She is described as disobedient to her mother, Queen Genevieve, when she used the power of her imagination in order to turn the “mushroom contraption” into a furry invention, despite the queen’s disapproval (Beddor 21). She also never listened to all the people who said that her and Dodge can never be together for the reason that he is a commoner and she is a princess. Despite that she never listens and chooses to be with him, not even trying to deny her feelings. They are not supposed to be seen together since she is supposed to…show more content…
She’s also not very nice, because she laughed at Bibwit’s state. “Alyss started to laugh.” and “The gwormmy prank hadn’t been nice” (Beddor, 24) She was immature when at the “Inventor’s Parade” she turned the woman’s large hoop into an invention that “was spurting water from from tiny holes along its surface.” (Beddor, 13). The author depicts her as not a well disciplined child as she is always playing pranks on people she doesn’t admire very much. She recalls playing a prank on Jack of Diamonds “She’d imagined his trousers filled with slick, squiggling gwormmies.” (Beddor,14). She also whines and complains a lot, having complaining that her father was not there for her birthday, also complaining the whole time while watching the Inventor’s Parade and whining that she could do better and funnier things. She also thinks she doesn’t need any lesson and any lectures, saying “I won’t need any lessons,”...”I’ll just imagine that I know everything and then I will, so you don’t have to give them to me.” (Beddor 23) It indicates that she is full of herself and her abilities. As she is always eager to show it…show more content…
“Where did you come from?” (Beddor 41) she questioned after the cat rubbed against her feet. You can see that she is unworldly and gullible after she came to the regular world and she decided to follow Quigly. She trusted him and never expected him to betray her after they have stolen the food. That has affected her very much. The author explaining it as she has started to think that “It wasn’t worthwhile getting attached to people. “All they ever did was betray you.” (Beddor 118) After that she refused to trust and get attached to anybody at the orphanage but yet again made the mistake of entrusting Dodgson to write the book saying: “Should I? Will he believe? He does seem different from the others. Should I, one last time?” (Beddor, 74) Here it shows too that she is gullible, deciding to trust Dodgeson. In the last sentence of her inner dialogue she wonders if she should try trusting someone again even after being betrayed. But her trust for anybody fades when Dodgson fails her by writing a whole different story. Alyss is furious, she thinks that Dodgson did it on purpose, to make her look

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