Similarities Between Christianity And Confucianism

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Created in 550 B.C. Confucius is considered to be the most celebrated of all Eastern philosophers. His teachings are the roots for Asian cultures. His writings,The Five Books, a book of ancient Chinese literature, and The Four Books, records of his and his disciples’ teachings, were the standard curriculum for Chinese schooling. There are similarities and differences when it comes to confucianism and other practicing religions. Confucian Philosophy aren’t necessarily non-believers of God, but they limit themselves to God’s (or a God’s) existence. While they believe in paying homage to God, they don’t believe in God’s commands of living. Confucianist don’t put all of their belief into a higher power, even though they believe in his existence,…show more content…
Even though the Christians have no proof of God’s orders, they believe in omens, and scriptures of the bible. Their belief is built strictly off of faith. That’s something Confucianist can’t bring themselves to do. Confucians goal of religion is to develop a structured society, while Christian is to live by God’s commands. They only way a confucian could develop into a Christian is if they encountered himself, or any energy from heaven. Catholic beliefs are similar to that of Christianity, and some believe there is no difference between the two. While both religions believe that Jesus died on a cross for our sins, each religion has beliefs based on their own interpretation of what the bible teaches us. Christians believe in following the commandments of God’s will but Catholics believe that God sends messages to the pope, and they follow his deliveries. The differences is similar to the comparison of Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic. The Roman Catholic churches believes that the Holy spirit commences from the father to the son, which is the pope in their case. The major difference really comes from the pope. Believers of the Orthodox religion believes that the pope is the first among equals and that he has no role in overruling a

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