A Modest Proposal 1729 Essay

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Irish differences and lack of help given by the British during the poverty in Ireland. Because of this Swift creates an entertaining writing which represents both English and Irish in a metaphor which shows how Irish Catholics interoperate of poor children. However, this is a hidden message. Swift suggests that the poor and starving children should be cooked and sold to the wealthy of the country is the way to overcome the problem occurring throughout Ireland. Again this is a sarcastic way to show that the British again are not helping with the suffering Irish peasants. However, it is understandable that this is a metaphor which shows as the middle and upper class of Ireland as the British government, and the poor vulnerable and starved people…show more content…
Straight away it is seen as the most satirical essay wrote by Swift, and also a difficult reading as it is understood to be one big metaphor. This book is based on ‘A modest proposal of Preventing the Children of Poor People from Being a Burthen to their Parents, or the Country, and for Making them Beneficial to the Public." Swift rights about the poor, starving children in Ireland finding it difficult to cope at this era in Ireland. It is clear that there was extreme poverty throughout Ireland in the 18th century and at this time Ireland was under control of the British government. The essay includes many factors of irony and satire throughout. The very first irony seen is the title ‘A Modest Proposal’, as it means the complete opposite to what it says, and it is in fact outrageous and not in any way modest. It is important to understand the narrator is a different person to Swift himself. Swift's use of language is key; while he writes in the first-person narrative common at the time, he also cites facts and figures to back up his points. This allows the essay to satirize not only what Swift saw as the inhumane treatment of the Irish by the English, but also the common view that "Papists," followers of the Roman Catholic Church rather than the Church of England, were somehow less-than-human.’ Another vision of irony occurs when the narrator mentions that the landlords may as well eat their renters

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