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International School of Management and Technology BTEC HND in Computing and Systems Development Computer Systems Assignment 2015 Assignment Title: RICONA Multinational IT Company Submitted by:Bibek Bhatta Submitted to: Mr.Dhirendra Thapaliya Table of Contents Task 1 Introduction Role of Computer Systems in Different Environment a) Banks b) Educational Institutions c) Hospitals d) Home e) Departmental Stores Conclusion Task 2 Explain the Hardware, Software and peripheral components of the computer systems. Introduction a) Central Processing Unit b) Mother board c) Power Supply Unit d) Cooling Units Backing Storage a) Hard Disk Drives b) Floppy Disks c) RAM d) Graphics…show more content…
It can be used in our homes for entertainment purpose. Similarly it can be used in hospitals for X-Rays, CT scan. It can also be used in educational institute for recording the details of the students and teachers. Below I have explained the role of computer systems in Various Environments. a) Role of Computer Systems in Banks i. Computers are used in accounting and bookkeeping. Processing transactions manually takes a lot of time, Use of computers saves money on labor costs. Computers make little to no mistakes. ii. With the introduction of computers in banks, online banking has become a new trend. Customers do not have to go to the bank's location instead they can do all the transactions from computer at saves money, energy and time. iii. ATM (Automated Teller Machines) is used in banks which is a computer. ATM is used for Withdrawal of cash. Cash, checks, and paychecks can be deposited in ATM Machine. b) Role of Computer Systems in Educational Institutions. i. Information of the students and teachers can be stored. ii. Audio-visual aid is an effective teaching…show more content…
The Movement of the Cursor or the pointer movement is controlled by the mouse Types of Mouse: Mechanical: It contains a rubber or metal ball on its rolls in all directions. Opto mechanical: Optical sensors are used to detect motion of the ball. Optical: A laser is used to detect the mouse's movement. Cordless Mouse: It works by infrared or radio waves. Fig: A Computer Mouse 2.5: Keyboards A keyboard is an Input Device that has typewriter-like keys and is used to enter the data into a computer. Types of keyboards QWERTY, AZERTY and DVORAK It is named after the first six keys on the top row of letters Fig: A Computer Keyboard 2.6: Monitor The monitor is an output device. It generates the video and graphics and displays it through a video card. Different Types of monitor in terms of color capabilities. Monochrome: Only two types of colors are is background color and another is foreground color. The colors can range from black and white, green and black, or amber and black. Gray-scale: different shades of gray are displayed. Color: this monitor displays from 16 to over 1 million different colors. They are called RGB Monitor because they display three different types of color namely red green and

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