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“Too Dumb for Complex Texts” Essay 1 In Mark Bauerlein’s “Too Dumb For Complex Text” Mark talks about how multitasking teens will find it demanding to read intricate texts. Mark implies that listening to music or watching TV makes it difficult to read college level texts, and that High School Students who do this are not at college level. High school students should have at least 1 assignment where the use of Google or anything digital is forbidden and only the use of books and basic research tools is allowed. Mark, I agree with you in most of your reasoning, but I personally feel that with every fact there comes something that can counteract it. Multitasking has its errors but also has its benefits, and to clump every high school student…show more content…
Mark, Multitasking may be a poor choice for most students but for some cases its beneficial. TV has few benefits to studying, I agree with that, but music on the other hand has much more to offer. The nucleus accumbens is a part of the brain that is commonly associated with things like, pleasure, desire, and most commonly addiction. This part of the brain is what drugs, most commonly methamphetamine, are destroying by overuse. But this part of the brain can have many health benefits when used but not overused. Music is something that activates the nucleus accumbens quite nicely. This came out along with the widespread study of the “Mozart Effect” which implies that listening to Mozart makes you smarter, which is largely exaggerated, because it only increases awareness and it lasts for about 10-15 minutes depending on the listener. But this is only based on one study, where they listened beforehand for 10 minutes then were given a test. Recent studies have…show more content…
They had assignments and library trips on the sole basis of trying to teach use how to use books and basic reference material. But this is 2014. I feel that School in general is to prepare you for the adult world. In the adult world, people aren’t going to tell you not to use Google. In fact, they’re going to tell you to please use Google. It takes less time and is efficient and resourceful. My math teacher used to say, “ you are adults, you guys need to know basic math, but I doubt people will demand that you don’t use a calculator.” And thus we used calculators when necessary on assignments. The main point being calculators will be here whether we like it or not. The same with Google, phones, IPods, and Touch screens and future technology to come, if it’s coming to us and is at our disposal, if it can make us faster and more efficient then by all means it’s going to be used whether we like it or

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