A Comparison Of Family And Survival In Night And Sold

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Family and Survival in Night and Sold People in history came together to form tribes nations and families. Family is the most basic way people come together, either born or brought in. Family was the very first way to survive. In Night and Sold, survival was much different from each other in the end but both novels characters needed to survive and used family to do so . By examining the novels Night and Sold we can see that family is the key to survival, this is important because caring and having empathy for others will lead to survival. In Sold, Lakshmi’s family did not have enough money for the year so Lakshmi went with her dad to get a job in the city, later finding out she was sold to prostitution. When she arrived at the happiness house she was treated very badly, then she found friends there and the other girls became her family. In the story, McCormick writes “Shahanna has been nothing but kind to…show more content…
Monica worked at the Happiness House for her child and father so she could send the child to school and pay for her dad's operation. When Monica leaves to go to her home village she reaches there only to find she is rejected and beaten by her own father, and later was thrown to the streets after contracting the virus. Monica lost her family and did not survive the Happiness House. In the story Night, Eli is a jewish teenager and in World War 2 he is taken away by the Germans to Auschwitz. There he does not know it but he losses his two sisters and mother, the only family he has left is his father. His father is the reason he lives through every camp he encounters. He pushed his father to survival and his father did the same to him. In the story Eli and his Father worked together to stay awake “Come on, father, it’s better over there. We can lie down a bit, one after the other”. Eli survived because he had his father with him through thick and thin, family kept Eli

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