Essay On Printed Books

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People often consider reading as a hobby and there are many genres of literature to choose from. A student can become educated by reading books. It is essential for students to read for their classes. Reading is often associated with academic excellence for it stimulates the mind and it fills the head with information. Whether the material is from paper books or e-books, it is knowledgeable nonetheless. Although there are a lot of reasons to think that traditional printed books are irreplaceable by online reading/books, I would like to read books that are downloaded from the the internet. There are various books and being exposed to those at a young age is beneficial. The Ateneo encourages critical thinking and reading has become appropriate in developing analytical thinking skills. Their core curriculum is the medium for formation of Ateneans. It requires a lot of oral examinations and research papers which can be done easily for reading goes hand-in-hand with the increase of one’s vocabulary. Books can influence a…show more content…
Some e-books even have extra features which causes a reader to skip text. It is just a different experience with e-books but there are also distractions while reading printed books. Distractions are not limited to what the eyes can see, a person can get distracted with noise. With just one click of a mouse, one can easily buy a book or download it for free. There are different kinds of e-books which can adhere to the preferences of a student. There are e-books, which are published in pdf format, that are similar to an actual printed book. Some e-books can only be read with the use of the internet, since it is a webpage. E-books, that are usually in EPUB format, can give the students an option to make notes, underline parts, look words up and turn pages like actual printed books. Some are even enhanced and may contain quizzes, videos, interactive tables and
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