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Doodle An act of bizarrerandomness or serious art Definition: A doodle is a drawing like any other artwork made while a person’s awareness is otherwise busy or occupied. Doodles are simple sketches that can have no concrete representational intention or meaning; they may just be abstract shapes. Sometimes, a doodle artwork contains different genres of art. For example, by adding to comic doodles unappropriated costume ideas such as men figures wearing women’s underwear. “Doodle” word foundation: The word doodle first appeared in the early 17th century to name someone foolish or a simpleton. It may come from the German “Dudelkopf” or “Dudeldop”, meaning a cub, a clumsy fellow a goof. The song title “Yankee Doodle”, intends the meaning “fool,…show more content…
Doodling is a great and fun way to express yourself, especially when you are one of those people who have always to do anything to keep them attended or if your concentration in class is on the lowest level. But because everyone can do it, it is often underrated as an art form. It is true that everyone who gives doodles a try can do it. But there also people who are just uncreative or inspirational to do a simple sketch. Untalented people would never be able to create weird symbols or will not ever come up with strange ideas for an artwork. Although, the prejudices are true that it might be very simple to do doodles but there are still people who tend to be uncreative and untalented in creating art. Besides the simpleness of doing a doodle, people argue that artists who are famous for their doodle-artworks and do not even have studied art are no real art artists. They do not deserve the fame and the recognition. Probably, this statement comes from jealous artists who do not obtain acceptance by other people of their own artworks, have just a bad taste for art or are not open-minded. There are many great artists who did not have the money to visit an art-school or university to learn important art-studies and learnt to create art pieces through self-experiences or were influenced by idols. For example, Francis Bacon is an Irish artist who did not attend art school and became famous for his great art pieces. His “Triptych,1976” is three oil on pastel paintings on canvas, being auctioned for US $86 million in 2008. Though, Bacon has not visited art school, his work proves that only talent leads to

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