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IOT BASED INTELLIGENT TROLLEY FOR SHOPPING MALL 1Dhavale Shraddha D.,2Dhokane Trupti J.,3Shinde Priyanka S. 4Assist. Dr.V. K. Bairagi. 1234Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, 1234AISSMS’s, Institute Of Information Technology,Pune 411001,India,, ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Abstract - Now a day’s shopping at big malls is a daily activity in metro cities. One can see huge rush at malls on holidays and on special discounts days. People purchase different items and put them in trolley & go to billing counter for payments. At the billing counter the cashier prepare the bill using bar code…show more content…
Sometimes customers have problems regarding the incomplete information about the product on sale and waste of unnecessary time at the billing counters. Continuous improvement is required in the traditional billing system to improve the quality of shopping experience to the customers. Now day’s numbers of large as well as small shopping malls has increased throughout the global due to increasing public demand & spending. At the time of festivals, special discounts, holidays, etc. there is a huge rush in shopping malls. The use barcode reading technique in such situations always results in waste time since customer has to wait till whole items get scanned. These advantages can be avoided by using IOT based intelligent trolley proposed in this paper. This system uses RFID technique instead of barcode. Proposed system uses separate RFID reader for each trolley and RFID Tag for each product. When customer buys any product RFID reader reads the tag which is present on the product. The cost of product and the total bill of shopping items can be displayed on 16*2

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