The Importance Of Media And Information Literacy

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Media and information literacy has a big purpose in every learner. It is very important to have knowledge into it and advance education about it. But the come out of this point, still a lot of learners are lack of knowledge on MIL and level of knowledge in media and information literacy is very low. According to media and information literacy recognizes the primary role of information and media in our everyday lives. It lies at the core of freedom of expression and information. Since it empowers citizens to understand the functions of media and other information providers, to critically evaluate their content, and to make informed decisions as users and producer of information and media content. According to, media literacy involves the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create…show more content…
We are living in new generation, so every livelihood that we have now are connected in media and information literacy. To make work easier and also a lot of information to choose from. The MIL learning capacities prepare students to be 21st century literate. According to Jeff Wilhelm (2000) technology has everything to do with literacy. And being able to use the latest electronic technologies has everything to do with being literate. He supports his argument with J. David Bolter's statement that if our students are not reading and composing with various electronic technologies, then they are illiterate. They are not just unprepared for the future; they are illiterate right now, in our current time and context. All this abilities are required for a student, because we are millennials, our education system has upgraded and connected now to technologies. The subjects are partnered with technologies. Their teachers are requiring them to present their activities, reports, quizzes, in different applications. By searching information in internet and also other educational

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