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The Dragon Within In the movie Mulan, Mushu is not the main representation of a Chinese dragon; Mulan contains the spirit of a great dragon inside of her. Mulan is The Great Stone Dragon talked about within the movie Mulan. Not all dragons typically look alike or are portrayed as we have heard and seen in movies or stories. Dragons do not all have scales, wings, or horns to be considered one of these majestic creatures. An example is Mulan, who has the spirit of a dragon inside of her, making her a dragon as well. She does not have to look like one to be known as one. Dragons partake a major role in Chinese culture and history. They symbolize divine protection. They also bring forth luck and good fortune. These dragons are not like others…show more content…
Mulan was able to show divine protection when she went to war in place of her injured father to keep him safe and alive. To have showed luck within a character was very common saying she was able to survive situations that would seem impossible to get through. An example is when Shang did not take Mulan’s life when he found out that she was a woman impersonating a soldier. This incident would have surely caused her to be murdered, but instead Shang spared her life in return for her saving his life earlier in the movie. Mulan also shows she is capable of bringing forth good fortune, especially back to her family. When Mulan returns home she does not go back with shame and empty handed. She returns home with the Emperors crest and Shan-Yu’s sword. By the Emperor giving Mulan these items she regains honor and respect for her family from all of China. Chinese dragons protect the innocent, which may seem like a few people. Mulan was able to protect a whole country, which was all of china. She protected China from the Huns. The Huns were an army trying to invade China. This enemy would be considered an evil spirit that wanted to consume the land, yet Mulan would not allow them too. Mulan continued to fight the Huns until they were completely abolished. By doing all of this, required much power from within to complete these tasks. Mulan was a woman, but did not act traditionally how a girl should have. She became trained in fighting instead of regular household chores and watching over family at home like other women normally would be doing. By stepping out of the traditional ways Mulan had gained much respect from many people. The emperor and soldiers had given her the respect that she disserved for all that she has done. Throughout the whole movie Mulan was able to show tremendous amount of strength when encountering many obstacles along the way. She chose to

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