Cultural Changes In The 1920s Essay

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American society and culture changed during the 1920s. Many factors led to this substantial change that challenged the “generational norms” of the 1910s’, such as women becoming more relevant in society, more money being made and spent, technology becoming more common in households and more illegal crimes made public knowledge than before. Although the 1920s was a decade of happiness and prosperity, this decade-long party went downhill and lead to The Great Depression. After World War 1, many refugees flooded into the United States from Europe. This swarm caused job competition to rise; it also raised racism, language barriers, religious differences, cultural changes and business isolation. As businesses started to isolate themselves, the businesses increased tariffs to make the products they were producing seem cheaper and more affordable. This illusion leads to more spending and earning of money. The idea of more spending and more success let businesses earn extra, which is linked to the idea of…show more content…
Women were more expressive in their opinions and beliefs. Women wanted to be seen as important in society. During this time, women has just achieved the right to vote with the 19th Amendment in 1919. These deeds lead to a sizable change in women socially. In 1924, Robert and Helen Lynd studied the changes in the lives of “average people”. The two sociologists found that the business class had a faster pace of change than the working class. Most noticeable in changes would be that people were more comfortable talking about subjects they were not before. The couple noticed that women more commonly practiced birth control than before as well (R. Lynd, H. Lynd 288). Margaret Sanger argued her point for contraception to become more commonly used before this growth was studied (Sanger 286). As women were recognized better in society, illegal and wrong acts were as

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