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In Chinese, the dragon was a benevolent creature with powers to bring rain, floods, and even hurricanes to a land. Along with this ability, the dragon signified power, strength, and good luck. Emperors took on the symbolism of the Dragon as they hoped to bring good fortune to their lands. The Chinese dragon has transformed from an imaginary prodigy to a mascot from ancient times to the present, representing the Chinese people's unrelenting and pioneering spirit of keeping pace with the times, whose image has been deeply rooted in the mind of the Chinese people and has a substantial influence on various aspects of Chinese culture. Not only is the dragon prevailing in China, but it's also very popular among the Chinese people living overseas;…show more content…
The book reflects the broad spectrum of morals held by Chinese immigrants and white Americans of the time, presenting the positive and the negative aspects. Neither race is depicted as absolutely good or bad; the characters are individuals, each with their own personal flaws. At the beginning Moon Shadow referrers to white people as demons, when Moon Shadow get at Miss Whitlaw's house the first thing immediately connects and identify himself when he sees in her fabulous stained glass window of a dragon spewing fire. He bonds with the Whitlaws over the dragon stories he tells, showing them that not all dragons are evil, like the one in the St. George tale. It is where he could understand and compare the dragons with people, Just like how the dragons are not all the same or all evil, not all Tang people are the same, and not all white Americans are the same. They have the capacity to be both good and bad. In other words, he finds the humanity in both cultures. Moon Shadow sees dragons as powerful characters who are both good and bad, and he is confident that Dragons remind him that a little faith goes a long…show more content…
It is why the title of the book is significant as the Chinese culture gives much honor to the dragon, unlike the Americans, the demons, who consider the dragon to be full of fire breathing rage. Cultural and historical references are grounded in reasoning, making the characters choices understandable. For example, Moon Shadow explains the cultural differences between the benevolent and powerful dragons of the Tang people and the destructive, fire breathing dragons of the Western world. His explanation helps us to understand why he thinks his father’s dream is so important and prophetic. Finally; however, this book addresses families that work together, forgive each other and find that above all else family is most important. It shows the characteristic Chinese values of respecting and honoring the elders in the

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