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The memoir of Shohreh Aghdashloo Alley of Love and Yellow Jasmine contains many positive events in her life as well as many difficult events as she went through as she was becoming a Hollywood actress. Aghdashloo’s life was truly a of the roller coaster ride because she went through some ultimately positive events that helped her throughout her whole life and some harrowing events she wished it never had happened. Anyone can relate to Shohreh life story. Behind all the Hollywood movies and the awards shows Aghdashloo has attended, she is just a woman with big dreams - the girl next door who took taking one step at a time to make it to where she is today. Shohreh Aghdashloo had a very memorable childhood as she was growing up with three younger brothers in Iran in the 1960s and 1970s. Her life was filled with many loving family members who she never suspected she would be a parted from. Her native homeland, Tehran, Iran, was once a…show more content…
Then a phone call that changed Aghdashloo’s life rings; to audition for a movie of the book “House of Sand and Fog” by Andre Dubus III. She was shocked because she wanted to play the character Nadi from that book. For her first audition she was dress up very elegantly to portray her character Nadi, the director Vadim Perelman called her back audition but requested she dress simpler. For her second audition she dress very simple with no make-up and Perelman fell in love with her and she got the role. This was the highlight of Aghdashloo’s acting career she was nominated for the best supporting actress at the 2004 Oscar. Although she did not win the award she was just exhilarated that she was nominated along with Holly Hunter, Marcia Gay Harden, Patricia Clarkson and Renee Zellweger. Ever since the Oscar Aghdashloo had many roles for playing variety movies and TV shows. However in 2009 Shohreh Aghdashloo won Emmy award for Outstanding Supporting Actress for HBO’s House of

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