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Achilles Hero Quest I live in the time of Achilles, is what many people are saying. In this time of war, and yet some say that he was a born killer. He plays a major role in the Trojan war, in which he dies. He is a great powerful hero that will come to peace at his death. In his normal world he is a hero in the Greek army, but fights reluctantly for the way Agamemnon acts. In the movie Troy, he states, “It would be a site to see kings fight their own battles” (Benioff, Troy). This is aimed at Agamemnon and how he has people or soldiers fight his battles for him. It shows how Achilles fights, but reluctantly and is disgusted with Agamemnon. Now for the call he is asked by Odysseus to go and fight with the Greeks in…show more content…
She says, “If you stay, you will live happily and you name will eventually be forgotten. If you go, you will be a great hero, and your name will be remembered forever. If you do go, you will not come back” (Benioff, Troy). This is a major decision that he must make, if he goes he dies but remembered, if he stays he is forgotten. The deciding factor is that he wants to be remembered and he accepts…show more content…
This is when Agamemnon takes Briseis from him. He tells his men, “We will sit here and wait till Agamemnon bags to have Achilles back” (Benioff, Troy). Basically he is angry with Agamemnon and how he operates, and refuses to fight for him until he gets her back and Agamemnon bags for him. Yet another dark moment is when his cousin, Patroclus, dies. This brings out his deep inner killer and immediately goes to the walls of Troy. Last but not least, the return. This is when he fights with the Greeks again and they get inside the walls of Troy. Again it is Odysseus that talks to him, “The Greeks need you, they don’t have much moral any more” (Benioff, Troy). This shows that Agamemnon is too afraid to talk to him, for Achilles might kill him. At his death he is given peace by Briseis, who must leave to avoid being killed. He tells her, “You have given me peace in a time of war” (Benioff, Troy). There he dies, just like his mother had told him. So as you can see he goes through all of the stages of a hero quest. His normal world of a great hero, the call to fight in Troy, the threshold his mother places in front of him. Some challenges with Hector and Agamemnon, the darkness with the loss of this cousin, and the return to the battlefield. There he helps the Greeks one last time and dies in peace. Many a people can say, I lived in the time of Achilles. He was a great hero that came to a peaceful

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