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In our history, all great leaders understood the importance of having an army. Armies built great nations. Sparta’s culture was based on war and combat readiness. There was one man who decided that an army was necessary for the afterlife. On March 1974, farmers from the Xiyang village discovered the terracotta army. Qin Shi Huang Di was china’s first emperor. He united china and had many great accomplishments. He was buried with nearly 7,000 life-size terracotta figures to protect him in the afterlife. These figures were created to the scale of real life people and a lot of detail was used in their creation. To understand the terracotta army, we must first understand the emperor for who it was created. Ying Zheng was born in Haden in 259 BCE. He took the throne at the age of…show more content…
The terracotta army consists of over 7000 troops. These troops where life-sized with different facial expressions and different facial features. As if they were modeled after real life people during that time. The figurines were not made of the same height. Soldiers had real armor and weapons. Some had swords others had halberds. These weapons where created with every detail as if actually going to war. And some place the manufacture date of these weapons between 245 and 228 BCE. More than 40,000 arrowheads where discovered in the mausoleum. Qin was obsessed with Calvary in war and the mausoleum also featured Calvary. There were chariots and even archers. Historians and archeologists have also determined that there was a rank system among the terracotta soldiers, identifying some as generals. The armor also varied according to the soldier’s role in battle. Chariot riders wore helmets to protect them in battle. Among the troops there are replicas of horses. It is also determined that these figurines had paint at one time, but due to the time passing, the paint has either faded or chipped

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