Dean Deblois 'How To Train Your Dragon 2'

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In Dean Deblois' “How to Train Your Dragon 2” the main antagonist of the story was Drago Bludvist. He was portrayed as a large intimidating man; with no fears but just pure evil in his heart, wanting to wreak havoc in the world and making every dragon in existence his slave. However, upon further analysis this scary mean giant may have a softer more vulnerable side. All of it starting from his traumatizing childhood event involving dragons attacking his village; forever scarring his view on all dragons alike. Following said attack, for the rest of his childhood he lived in constant fear of being attacked by dragons, turning him into an outcast from the rest of the folk living near his region. Finally, when he turns into a man, he gathers all his pain and fear and turns it into rage, making a…show more content…
With his newly developed skill set he now feels more powerful compared to his former self. He now believes that he is strong enough to take vengeance for the dragons tearing his family apart and also destroying his chance at having a normal life. He fears what he cannot control therefore, he plans to enslave all dragons on the face of the planet. His motivational force is the suffering and pain the dragons had caused him. Going to extreme lengths as to capture the “Alpha Dragon” to control the minds of all other dragons, he wishes to inflict the same emotional damages he had experienced as a child to the dragons as his way of revenge. Although, his intent is unmistakably evil, each one one of his actions had a driving force directly linked from his childhood. By taking away the livelihood of the dragons through his rage, he simply does not want any other humans to suffer the way he once did. Therefore, even after all the horrific actions he has taken, all the inhumane ways he treated the dragons, a portion of his heart is still trying to help

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