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What is courage? Is it saving someone from a fire, or going on a roller coaster? Is it trying something new? In the book The Red Badge Of Courage by Stephen Crane the main character, Henry decides to enlist in what we call today the Civil War. He struggles with finding his inner “man”. He has to decided whether to fight or be a coward and run away from his fear. Throughout the book Henry does a lot of things that reflects who he is. He gives the audience many reasons to make us believe he is not a man by his actions. In this essay there are three main points on why I believe Henry is not a man by the end of the book. The three main points is that he kept running away from the battle fights, he lied to his soldiers on fighting in the war, and because he fought for the wrong reason.…show more content…
I understand that even being in the war is courageous for someone that young but he made the audience think that he was going to one thing but did another. He went back on his word and that to me is not a man. “As he ran on he mingled with others. He dimly saw men on his right and on his left, and he heard footsteps behind him” (p.40 Crane). This quote is when he first ran away in battle. I get that was the first battle but he ran away from many more. He tells the audience that he will fight and be a better man and he excuses his actions. He is not a man from fighting in one battle. You are a man when you own up to what you

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