Leafy Sea Dragons Research Paper

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Physical description- Leafy sea dragons are very slow swimmers. The reason they swim so slow is to help find protection. They swim slowly to help them get away from there predators quicker. They also have the ability to blend in with plants. So they swim slowly to help find things to blend in with. Leafy sea dragons can also sway like plants. So if a predator comes near them they can blend in with a plant. Leafy sea dragons don’t really have spines. They have long sharp points are their backs. This helps them protect themselves from when a predator attacks them from behind. Full grown sea dragons can reach up to 18 inches long. Females can only get up to 12 inches long. A baby sea dragon when first born is only 6 inches long and it goes not take them very long to become fully grown. Baby sea dragons grow 2 inches every 4 weeks. Sea dragons have leafy bodies. Their body helps them blend in with plants quicker to get protection from their predators. With their flexible body they also have the ability to sway like plants. Sea dragons don’t have mouths or teeth to eat their food. They have long suction tubes that suck up their food and send it done a long pipe. Their favorite food to eat is plankton. It is very hard for them to find plankton because they live in very shallow waters. Their normal foods they eat are mysid shrimp and sea lice. They all have very small bodies. The reason they have small bodies to…show more content…
Their camouflage depends on how good of a spot they pick to hide. They are able to blend in with multiple things though. They also have the ability to change colors so they can blend in with multiple things. The only things they can’t change colors to be black and brown because it is hard for them to blend in with it. Since sea dragon’s natural color is green and they can only blend in with plants it’s hard for them to change different

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