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To many Europeans or people of the Old World, the New World was foreign and had not been discovered before the 15th century. Christopher Columbus set sail in 1492 in hopes of finding the New World and bringing back glory to Spain. The Columbian Exchange occurred during the 15th and 16th century between the Old World and New World. Italian explorer Christopher Columbus led the expedition for Spain to the New World traveling on the Santa Maria starting in 1492 bringing plants, animals and diseases to the Old World. He also took with him some plants and animals back to the Old World. During the encounter that Christopher and other explorers had with the natives of the New World, cultural diffusion took place as well. The emergence of the Columbian…show more content…
Horses; allowed conquistadors/explorer to travel faster and conquer more lands while in New World, animal that can be used as a source of transportation Cattle; can be used to graze land. Pigs; used as source of food. Old world spread ideas and culture with the new world Along with the agriculture received from the New World, the Old World also received many important livestock as well. Llamas; important to agricultural economy, used for wool which turned out to be a big industry Hump less camel; used to transport things under two hundred pounds Turkey; used as source of food Culture was another aspect of life that was shared from Old World to New World While encountering and interacting with the peoples of the Old World, the natives of the New World received ideas and culture. Spanish language; conquistadors taught natives Spanish language. Metal armor; used as a defense against body. Swords; used to hunt and rarely to defend. Guns; used to defend and hunt some animals. Diseases were brought over/killed over 90% of the New World

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