Motivational Effect On Organizational Performance

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In today’s competitive and often chaotic environment, one of the main desires of each organization is to be successful. Hence, companies regardless of market and size strive to preserve the best employees, acknowledging their significant impact and role on organizational performance. In order to exceed these challenges, organizations should create a strong and affirmative bond with its employees and lead them to enterprise achievement. The present paper examines an interesting article, which discusses the effect of employees’ motivation on organizational performance, the conceptual framework of motivation and its theoretical underpinning as well. According to Armstrong (2006), “every organization is concerned with what should be done…show more content…
According to the basic motivational model of Mullins (2005), people’s behavior is determined by what motivates them. Consequently, in a job where there is a little pleasure or the opportunities for personal growth and career advancement are null, many people may be motivated principally, if not entirely, by money. On the other hand, organization requires motivated members, who can use their full talents, in order to perform well in the appropriate areas. In fact, a major international study by Proud foot Consulting revealed that poor working morale (such as absence of team spirit, low motivation, poor sense of belonging, etc.) provokes productivity loss. Hence, performance is a product of both ability and…show more content…
Initially, many businesses fail to introduce innovative products in the market. This is the main reason that employees’ role is determinant in the process of achieving the mission and vision of a business. Following, they meet project goals and objectives, by using interpersonal and organizational skills, as they know how to be diplomatic. Basically, they determine the success or the failure of a business project. Additionally, quality of employees’ performance could be measured by three individual measurements: The first measure performance is a self-rating one, on how well the employee is doing the job, called SAP. The second measure is the extent to which workers want to perform additionally tasks and lastly, the measure of the number of days they are

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