Importance Of Faith In My Life

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My name is Nick Vujicic and I was born in 4th December 1982 in Melbourne, Australia. It was a shock to my parents that I arrived without arms and legs. I was blessed to have a brother and a sister as my best friends. Am I special? “Yes” is the only answer I’ll give to the people who ask me this question. I only realised this after I came to Christ. Well, if you asked me with the same question when I was 10, I would tell you a different thing. I tried to kill myself by drowning in the bathtub. I tried a few times but failed every time. God was giving me a second chance. I always questioned myself about the purpose of me living as a limbless man before I was a Christian. It was really difficult growing up especially when I was in school. I couldn’t forget the time when I hurt my foot or I call it my “drumstick”. It made me realised that I need to be thankful and appreciate what I was born with and not be focused on my disabilities.…show more content…
The janitor really encouraged me to speak out about my faith. I began sharing about my faith in small prayer groups. Before I knew it, I was propped up on a table before 300 sophomore students. After talking for a few minutes, almost half the girls were crying and even the boys were trying hard to hold back tears. One girl who managed to inspire me to motivate more people was crying really hard. She raised up her hand and asked me if she could hug me. She hugged me and whispered “thank you” multiple times. She also told me that no one had ever told her they loved her and she was beautiful the way she

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