Firenze The Fool Short Story

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Once upon a time, there existed a land named Plusteopoenia, five scores and another five stones throw from Garcia, the gargantuan island of gargoyles, where the grass was stained purple with little brush strokes of imps dipped in honey, so that the blades of violet glistened in the sun until the First Pulupugangreen War, when the gargoyles out of anger at not being able to invade the land, as per plan, left in their wake a trailing cloud of snot, which by a divine stroke of coincidence was the same as honey, chemically. Here in this land of snotty, sweet grass lived a ferocious young elephant parented by one Helfa of Henceback, a giant giantess who loved cottage cheese, glitter and glue and Firenze the Fool, a puny, spiny anteater with a thick…show more content…
He forced the greatest mind of his time, Rataratat to design a travelling coach befitting the royal pain that he himself was, to travel to Plusteopoenia by abducting Mrs Rataratat and threatening to give her up to a jujublor (snakelike creatures with pseudopodia the size of earthly elephants with muddy teeth, flaming ears, twirling nails and an insatiable appetite) that had its pink and green (yes, they are dichromatic) eyes on the gorgeous missus of the genius. Hittaracus had walked into Plusteopoenia but had walked a hundred and twenty years too far, incidentally to the very same day he was fated to be slayed by the ferocious…show more content…
Helfa was thoroughly taken by Hittaracus and him by her, as much because of the unexpected compatibility of their pheromones and the charm that is inherent to a dragonpuff and a giantess’s innate beauty as because of the intricate elements that constructed the moment and was deliberately made for it to be conducive to the specific purpose of love. The Universe had prepared for this moment, to be the meeting place of two lovers, only it hadn’t prepared for it to be them. It was a blunder. The simultaneity of the meeting of Pluplapliplo with the love of his life and that of his mother with the revised love of hers was inescapable. The Universe reminded itself yet again that providing aid to the fickle and bothersome pain of a comrade that Love was, could never bode well. Yes, it was only an unfortunate anomaly, which had resulted in the muddling of events and befuddling of minds. But it had come at a great cost. The Universe would have to conspire again to purge itself of the monstrosity that was Hittaracus, who for now seemed very snug and happy. Needless to say, it didn’t go down too well with Firenze, the spiny ant eater

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