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Appendix………………………………………..…………………7 Abstract: One of the biggest problems faced by learners of English as a foreign language is the accurate pronunciation, hence it is importance to learn phonetics and phonology because it focuses on the exits of the letters' location and method of pronunciation of each letter and word. The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of learning, phonetics and phonology in order to help the military students to have exact pronunciation so that they can communicate with native speaker without much effort. Furthermore, this science contains specific strategies or methods such as intonation, stress. Which helps in the delivery of meaning and understanding quickly. This investigation is among students from the…show more content…
/ p / is a Voiceless, bilabial, stop, Consonant. / b / is a Voiced, bilabial, stop, Consonant. 3. Simulate or mimic the native speakers , audio devices or television. (Here, the student becomes a parrot mimics not aware of or know the rules). There is a scientific way to know the correct pronunciation of each letter or word if its similarity or even if one letter has more than one sound .Is called: Phonetics and phonology Phonetics – the study of the way humans make, transmit and receive speech sounds. Phonology: The study of the sound system of languages, and of the general properties displayed by these systems. However, in this research Students will study the phonetics and phonology and will be tested on a group of military students at the Language School, this group will be compared with another group of students who are taught by traditional methods, there will be a pre- test applied to both groups and will record the results', after conducting the experiment will be a post-test applied to both groups, and the results will record and the comparison is made between the two groups from the reality of the results

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