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1. Introduction Rapid growth of technology affects every atom of universe. Advanced technologies have already invaded day today life of human beings. Every minute of our lives is spent with those amazing technologies which makes our lives easy and comfortable. Nano technology, IOT, BMI, virtual reality and augmented reality are best examples for them. When it comes to interaction with computer by touch and feel ‘Haptic Technology’ is the latest technology which takes the advantage of touch by applying forces, vibrations or motions to the user. Haptic technology is literary the science of touch. The word haptic derives from Greek ‘Haptein’ which means the sense of touch. Even though haptic technology has a long history which runs to 90’s, today it has a wide range of application such as, • Surgical simulation & Medical training. • Physical rehabilitation. • Training and education. • Museum display. •…show more content…
Remote monitoring tools, Sensors and wearable technology, Pharmacogenomics/genome sequencing are few of them. Haptic technology is the newest trend in medical field which let the doctor to diagnose and treat the patient with a less burden. Haptic is a tactile feedback technology which let the user to control the computer application and also to get the response to the user. When it comes to the medical field, one single mistake of a surgeon may leads to a dangerous end. Carrying out the operation with proper attention is really important. Even though virtual reality has employed in carrying out complicated surgeries, Haptic is the newest technology which helps the surgeon to keep proper connection throughout the whole medical procedure. Haptics in Laproscopic and Endoscopic Surgeries, Haptics for Neurosurgery Simulation, Robotic Arm, Needle Simulation and Haptic Interaction with 3D Ultrasound Data are major applications of haptic technology in medical

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