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I have received my two first midterms back, one for each of my technical classes: CS70 and CS152. I am very surprised at the outcomes of both, specially CS70. I did not do well in any of the two. I am way below the average and it’s disappointing and discouraging, specially since I felt as if I was really prepare for my CS70 midterm. This is the second time I’m taking the class and unfortunately I managed to get the same EXACT percentage that I received last semester. When I went into the midterm I felt as if I had really prepare for it or that at least I was going to do a lot better than last semester. Due to the fact that I was so behind last semester and I walked in without studying about ⅓ of the material covered in the exam. While this semester I was all caught up with the material and I had applied different studying techniques that my TA and education 98 class recommended me. I even did a mind map for the midterm! I felt so great about it, but at the end I guess I was not…show more content…
In the other hand for my CS152 midterm, I knew I was not that prepare since I had focused most of my studying time towards CS70. Nevertheless, I actually did better than I thought I was going to do by about 15% higher. After reflecting back on my studying strategies, exam taking strategies and talking to my TA’s regarding my grade, I have come up with several conclusions about what I need to change for my upcoming two midterms. I know that one of my main problems was time management when taking the exam, I spent too much time on certain problems and consequently I ran out of time. I didn’t even get to brainstorm an approach for some problems, and left several sections blank. I need to learn how to set time limits for each problem, since I sometimes just spent a lot of time trying to figure

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