Poverty In South Africa Essay

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Poverty is strife in developing countries and South Africa is no exception. The current face of South African poverty stands at 12 million South Africans living abject poverty. South African poverty is divided into three categories which are referred to as the three lines of poverty. These categories are based on a cost of needs approach which includes booth food and non-food items, by calculating the minimum amount of money needed by each citizen to survive. The first of the three lines is the first poverty line which is also referred to as FPL. This line illustrates the rand value below which the individual is unable to meet the minimum daily energy requirement of 2100 kilo-calories and therefore is unable to purchase food. The second line…show more content…
People living below this line are still considered to be impoverished however, they can generally afford to purchase both non-food and food items. Stats SA has released statistics that indicate that in South Africa there are 27 million people who live below the poverty line, therefore there are 27 South Africans living under the upper bound poverty who earn around R779 per month. 18.6 million South Africans who live below the lower bound poverty line and earning R501 per month. There are 10.7 million South Africans who live below the food poverty line and earn approximately R305 per…show more content…
Those in power were educational, social and welfare benefits, the children enjoyed subsidized education fees whilst the adults had access to high paying jobs and obtained them easily. This prejudice and favoritism towards different races led to poverty as governments did not channel the countries resources to help those in need. The main cause of poverty in South Africa is unemployment and this is due to their being too many South Africans with basic labour skills and not enough with specialized labour skills which is due to the poor education received by people of colour during the apartheid

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