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Born in an African-American family, Michael was the eighth child of his family. His father was a worker who played box and guitar for a band and had great influence on Michael Jackson. As a king of the pop music, Michael Jackson showed his talents when he was young. He took part in his brother’s band when he was six. He began to perform and sang by himself when he was 13. Since then, he created a new era for the music industry. The songs and dances create by him have influenced several generations. Though people held different opinions towards him, because there were many “scandals” reported by the media, he was always the king of pop in many people’s hearts. His first album as an adult singer was Off the Wall. Then in 1982, Michael Jackson…show more content…
The blacks were not accepted by the society and whites. While Michael Jackson broke the ices. The album broke the boundary of the racial music successfully. Before Thriller, videos and MTV that taken by blacks were not allowed to play by televisions channels. While Billie Jean broke the principle. It became the first black MTV played on the television channel. And Michael Jackson was the first black singer showed in MTV on TV, which broke the racial segregation in the field of television and media. According to Roberts in his Michael Jackson’s Kingdom: Music, Race, and the Sound of the Mainstream(Vol. 23, 20), in the music history of America, there were many attempts to broke the racial boundary of music, while most of them were end up with failure. “From the early twentieth-century distinction of black ‘race records’ from withe ‘hillbilly records’ too the current divisions between, supposedly, white rock, black hip-hop, and more- or-less, brown world music, race has been the central organizing category for how popular music is cultivated, sold, and consumed.” It was the firs album produced by African-American that played by the radio. Since then, the racial music boundary between white and black was broken. Before the album, white music was the mainstream of the music in America. The album laid a good foundation for the development of the black music and the black singers. They were guided by the album and brought the black music to the mainstream. Michael Jackson also became the inspiration of the black singers. Michael Jackson and Thriller changed the situation that black music was inferior to the white music. The album made him the most popular singer among not only the blacks but also the whites. Since then he began to show the black masculinity to his audience throughout the world (Clay, Vol. 23,8). In a interview, Jakeya Caruthers said that Michael Jackson was the inspiration to

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