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Michael Joseph Jackson was an African-American singer-song writer, music producer and dancer which was born in 29th August, 1958 and died in 25th June, 2009 accidentally. His death was a controversy and lastly condemned as a homicide by his doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray which lastly had prisoned for four years. In his life-time, he was called “The King of Pop” by the public because of his talent and contribution to the music world. He has even lasted for over four decades till now as a global figure which influenced a lot in the popular music culture. When Michael Jackson was five years old, he used to be a member of “The Jackson 5” with his four elder brothers which were Tito, Marlon, Jackie and Jermaine at the year of 1964, but then he started…show more content…
It had also awarded the Best-selling Album Award with over 35 million copies worldwide and also being The Most-Awarded Artist receiving with 40 Billboard Awards, 23 Guinness World Records, 26 American Music Awards, and 13 Grammys, which was more than other singers. With Jackson’s humanitarian outreach efforts, he has also received congressional honors. The fact is that Thriller was really a fantastic musical work. Its arrangements and songs were well crafted, its production was uncluttered and crisp, Jackson’s vocals were flawless, and its dance grooves were positively infectious. Jackson also met his goal that there still was a mainstream in the popular music in early 1980s and he had positioned himself an undoubtable center. Most of Jackson's music videos was written and produced by himself, he used all his talent to make every process to be perfectly made. In his music video, not only dancing and singing could be found, but also a story telling one with creative and large production short films. For example, in the music video of "Thriller", that is his most famous music video at all, he had written a horrible story inside a story. Let say, while you think that they were really in the forest that Michael Jackson becoming a werewolf suddenly, but it turned that they were just watching a movie in the cinema. However, it later showed that they really met some zombies and became part of it, when you started to believe that this was the story at all, but it became a dream lastly. So, there seems to be many stories inside it and you could never recognize which was the final one. This made the whole music video more misery and fascinating. The MV was produced with around 14 minutes, which was quite long but had never appeared before, he made the music video seems to be a movie to make people step into the

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