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Michael Jackson was one of the best pop artist in the history of music. This is why he is called the 'King of pop'. He wowed audiences around the world for decades. Michael Jackson was a musician of the 1980s that greatly influenced the 80s and modern day music with his amazing singing, outstanding dance moves, and outrageous appearance. Michael Jackson had many hit songs during his career, but the most popular by far, was Thriller.Thriller was so popular that it went platinum in 15 countries, and also gold in four. Thriller had also earned Michael eight Grammys throughout his career. Thirty-eight copies were sold all around the world. Also, Thriller was such a mega hit that it holds a place in the world record book for the largest selling album in recording history. In addition to Thriller, Michael also had another period of high popularity known as Michaelmania. Michael was gaining popularity quicker than ever before that the press was constantly trying to talk to him and get information. Even though he was always being bothered by the media, Michael managed to keep him private life away from the public.…show more content…
The dances that performed impacted that time tremendously. Jackson first made the moonwalk popular in 1943 when he performed it on Motown 25: yesterday, today, forever. Michael also introduced the crotch-grab. There were multiple occasions on which he did this. He says that the music is what compels him to do this and sometimes when he watches his performances he doesn't remember even doing it. Similarly, Michael influenced the decade with his appearance. Michael has had a number of surgeries on his face, changes of skin tone, and in the final years of his life wearing a surgical mask. The white glove that Jackson wore to perform is a widely known signature part of his stage costume. He often had it covered in

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