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Imagine what life would be like without power plants and chemicals. Everyone would be in the dark all the time and there would be many things not discovered or invented. Pipefitters are to thank for the upkeep of the plants. They keep all of the valves and pipes up to code. This prevents harmful substances from going to unintended places without them every plant in the world would be an unsafe work place. A pipefitter’s main place to work in factories, industries, and power plants. Their job description is to install and maintain pipes intended to carry liquids and gases. They also must test the pressure in pipes from time to time. Being able to read blueprints is another important skill as a pipefitter. This profession can sometimes be hazardous because of the materials being worked with. What is the salary of such an important career? The average annual pay of a pipefitter is…show more content…
One way is to work under a established pipefitter in a four to five year apprenticeship. Another way is to go to a technical school which still requires an apprenticeship. Some states require pipefitters to be licensed others do not. It is required to complete an apprenticeship in order to obtain a license. The best form of training to be a pipefitter is an apprenticeship. Usually lasting four to five years almost all pipefitters train in this way. A person works under a licensed pipefitter doing on the job training. There is also book learning which the professional will usually teach. There are a few disadvantages and hazards of this career. One disadvantage is prolonged periods away from home and moving around a lot due to changing jobs. The equipment being worked with such as torches and saws can cause cutting and burning hazards. There are also many chemical hazards involved in this job. It is known for pipefitters to develop musculoskeletal injuries due to heavy lifting. This is just a few of the problems

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