Michael Jackson Vs Elvis Research Paper

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Music, a combination of instrumental and vocalizations used to produce and form beauty, harmony and an expression of emotions. Some people call it an Art and others consider it to be a science, nevertheless music since its birth has been a challenging talent that takes much hard work, time and effort to master. To be considered a King or a figure that represents such a talent is truly remarkable, such as Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson. But in some way or another they got to where they wanted, they made themselves stand out from the millions of people who tried to master this talent and both of the experiences these two had are both similar and different. Elvis the man who we call The King of Rock’n’Roll He started his life, his legacy…show more content…
They have both managed to perform live in concerts playing their latest hits and dancing their favorites moves on stage. Their biggest audience has not just been teenagers but mainly women all over the world who have passed down to their daughters their taste of music. Generation after generation Jackson and Presley albums are still bought till this day and make even more money than other musicians who are still alive. Jackson and Presley have also had the privilege for their singles to hit number one on the music industry charts more than once in a row. These two musicians have even been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which is a huge accomplishment. These two individuals before becoming solo musicians were discovered throughout the bands and groups they performed with before. Although Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley were not lucky in marriage they both had the opportunity to marry and have children with their spouse. However, both of these marriages ended up in a divorce. Lastly Jackson and Presley both towards the end of their career started to have drug related problems and ended up passing away of a heart

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