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As a child, Michael Jackson was heavily abused physically and mentally by his father, Joe Jackson, and his five other brothers. Since a young age, Jackson had always felt self conscious about himself and with his own family making fun of his appearance, time and time again, did not help him either, this caused him to go through a lonely childhood (“Childhood”). Growing up, he did not have any friends and didn’t go to public school, he only went to private school (“Childhood”). Michael Jackson was considered “The King of Pop”, but with this title came a very rough background and many hardships that lead to his downfall and ultimately his death. The formation of “Jackson 5” was the beginning of Jackson's rise to fame. When he was just five years old, his father put together a band consisting of his brothers Tito, Randy, Marlon, Jermaine, and Jackie Jackson, and later Michael as lead vocalists, forming “Jackson…show more content…
“Jackson was known to have sleepovers with boys at his Neverland Ranch, but this was the first public charge of wrongdoing” (“Michael Jackson Biography”). Jackson responded to the allegations saying, "There have been many disgusting statements that have been made... these statements are totally false..." and "I am totally innocent for any wrong doing" ("Michael Jackson Responds to Allegations of Child Molestation"). The boy that accused Jackson, later admitted he had lied and after a thorough search through Jackson's home they hadn't found any evidence to support the earlier claim, so he was found innocent ("Michael Jackson Biography"). Later, in 2004 Jackson was arrested for up to ten charges, relating to child molestation ("Michael Jackson Biography"). Macaulay Culkin testified for Jackson in the 2005 trial, stating that, he had never tried to molest him ("Michael Jackson Biography"). Jackson, again, was later found

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