Acceptance In The Minister's Black Veil

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“The Minister’s Black Veil” Acceptance The black veil that is worn in the story may have a deeper meaning than you expect. Mr. Hooper’s black veil may represent his sins and sadness that he may have been living with. The black color of the veil may symbolize the black heart he contains within him. Mr. Hopper is being true to himself rather than hiding who he is, he wants people to see that he no longer fears himself. The people may believe that he is insane or that he is not capable of hiding his sins to God with a black veil because God is able to see beyond someone’s words. Mr Hooper may have a different perspective of why he has been wearing the black veil, but people will not be able to understand because they are too focused on Mr. Hooper’s actions rather than themselves. The black veil may symbolize…show more content…
How everyone has sorrow and sins that cannot be kept from God. However, Mr. Hooper has a different way to express his sins, sorrows and that is by actually showing the black veil to others. He is capable of letting others see the black veil that he is wearing because he no longer wants to hide his secrets and sins. Instead Mr. Hooper wants other people to notice his sins and rather than hiding them like others have. Mr. Hooper has finally accepted himself as a sinner. Mr. Hooper has chosen to make his black veil visible while others have kept their secrets in their own hearts. The minister’s Black Veil story has taught me to have a better understanding of acceptance even if I have committed any sins or mistakes during my life. It does not matter how much you try to hide the mistakes you have made during life. That you cannot not lie to God about your

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