Acculturation On Hispanic Way Analysis

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“Acculturation On Hispanic Way” You lost your culture, you're a mix here and there, really are very American to be Latino and very Latino to be an American, where I am? This is true? I lost my culture? About this I researched and found that this means: Culture consists of the guiding thoughts and traditions of a certain group of people, thoughts and traditions that include many different aspects, such as: Language, Dress, Hairstyles, Religious Beliefs, Food, Music, Dance… among other things. Precisely of this, the author Richard Rodriguez refers in his article: "The Chinese in All of Us" When he tries to make us understand that feels American, no matter if is the son of Hispanic parents, the author says: “You have lost your culture, they…show more content…
Entering a new phase of assimilation and adaptation leads us to let go of certain habits that we had in our previous cultures, all as part of the acculturation process that allows us to engage more with the new culture. In this process, we can show that there is a culture that is dominant and which establishes the "rules of the game", which is why we must give certain customs and traditions in exchange for entering a new culture that allows us to engage fully. Acculturation, in other hand, is preserving your own minority ethnic culture. This means that you value your own original minority culture, and you are not willing to give it up or “sell out.” This is because you are proud of your original ethnic culture. The only incident we see from reading the article Academic, is that according to studies, the more is the range of penetration in the culture, the lower the percentage of Familism, which implies that we become more individualistic than people family. For the Hispanic culture, which is why this study is written, is extremely important that sense of belonging by the United States of North America, but it is also important the sense of Familism, in fact the vast majority Hispanic, supports family values like other cultures. That is why, this academic paper, allows us to understand more deeply reading of Rodriguez, why he is identified as an American and why he tries to defend his "Country" even the antagonistic criteria of his father, here we can see how the Familism is defeated by the acculturation of Rodriguez, which emphasizes the strengths of this nation, but not before admitting minor flaws, that in his opinion we as a

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