Mental Health Nursing Research Paper

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Personal Statement The journey towards becoming a nurse started back in 2009 when I joined a health and social care agency in Manchester. I was an undergraduate student studying Business Information Systems at the University of Bolton, and needed a part-time job at that time. I had the opportunity to work and acquire various skills as a support worker with various establishments in the health and social care sector through the agency. My experiences as a support worker gave me the opportunity to deliver first class care for mentally ill people, as well as deepened my desire and keen inspiration to pursue a career in nursing. The area I am interested in is Mental Health Nursing. Having worked closely with various mental health nurses in the…show more content…
With my few years of experience in the health and social care sector, I was exposed to different areas of exercising patience and indulgence like never before. Moreover, coming from an African background with a different life style and culture, I was nurtured by these attributes to understand that people suffering from mental health problems emanates from different backgrounds, this could be ethnic background; have different cultural backgrounds and lifestyle that varies from mine. To this end, each and every patient must be treated with kindness, respect and dignity and assessed based on their individual…show more content…
I volunteered to deploy on Operation pitch pole with my regiment. This operation involved supporting the south, south-west of England and Isle of Wight to areas affected by floods as part of cross-Government and multi-agency relief efforts. I passionately helped the young, old; children and disabled move their belongings to a safe and conducive part on the Isle of Wight. I am determined to use this core value in conjunction with my good communication skills to make a genuine difference in getting the lives of people with mental illness back on

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