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Personal Statement – Natasha Jones Attending a masterclass at Cambridge University, I learnt about how the eye detects light and how the brain interprets these signals. I went on to discover more about colour blindness and the structure of the eye through research at home. The science behind the eye and conditions related to it fascinates me, but I was left longing to witness the effects of these conditions first hand and how their treatments can improve quality of life. This motivated me to visit an Eye Clinic where I saw cases of age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma. It pleased me to see how as a doctor I might be able to benefit these patients.* Since November 2014, I have volunteered at my local hospital every week, talking with…show more content…
She gave the residents the independence where possible to provide them with dignity and her calm and friendly attitude provided them with the respect they deserved. This inspired me to seek a career that directly impacted on people’s quality of life. After talking to residents with dementia I reflected on how difficult it must be for doctors to diagnose and treat patients. I considered the mental impact pf the condition on its sufferers. After reading about dementia in the BMJ and Pub Med I realised it was more complex than I had initially thought, that there were many different types and ways it could present itself. A range of work experience has given me insight into the various medical specialities including an eye clinic, hospital pathology laboratories, General Practice, colonoscopies, emergency unit and theatre. This has shown me how important it is for the healthcare professionals to work together to improve quality of life for patients. Talking to doctors and medical students has given me a realistic idea of the role of a doctor. I particularly enjoyed my day following a foundation year doctor on a ward round. I learnt more about a patient’s capacity to consent while observing an abbreviated mental test score questionnaire. When discussing colonoscopies, I was saddened to hear of a lady who died during the procedure and realised the dilemma doctors have when weighing up the benefits and risks of

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