Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement

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I come from a family that compromises of nurses and social workers; my love for the medical field was inspired by my mother in particular. Seeing the passion, she had for her job and how hard she worked motivated me to want to pursue a career in the Mental health sector. From the age of 17 my career choice to be a mental health nurse truly became a vocation of the heart. I’m the kind of person that wants to have a reason and purpose in everything that I do and I don’t see anywhere else where id achieve that other than in mental health nursing. Nothing makes me feel better that helping people with their mental wellbeing and their general health. I will always go out of my way to make sure that someone is being treated fairly and getting the…show more content…
As this will allow me to have an excellent practical understanding of my role as a mental health nurse. There’s nothing that would be more fulfilling than learning and being able to implement new found knowledge and skills in helping people live normal lives. Having had experience caring for a family member with mental disabilities in my younger years, I gained an understanding of how challenging this career can be. I also grew up noticing the social stigma that is often attached to those with mental health illnesses, especially in my home country. There isn’t a great knowledge in the general public on issues concerning mental health. Realising this allowed me to gain empathy and patience. It made me even more motivated and focused toward reaching my goal to work in the mental health sector. My ultimate goal is to be able to make a significant difference not only in the UK but in other neighbouring countries. By opening an organisation which promotes the health and wellbeing of mental health patients. I plan to create programs that will be targeted at the general public, especially employers and. The main goal being to reduce the stigmatisation of those that may suffer from mental disabilities and helping employers to understand and support employees that may be affected by this stigmatisation within the work

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