The Fallen Angel Neil Postman Analysis

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Neil Postman believes that for the best possible way to run an education is to have “narratives.” He refers to these narratives as “gods.” He also feels that these narratives are necessary for an improved American culture. Postman explains that this is something our current public school system lacks. Now on top of recognizing that this is something we have once had these ideas but now they’re gone. These narratives are gone because political philosophies overpower them such as The Myth of Reason being overpowered by negative ideas. Without these narratives the impressionable children will grow up directionless. Moreover, Postman distinguishes that these 5 narratives will sustain a successful education. Spaceship Earth, The Fallen Angel, The…show more content…
Postman uses examples of how this can be used in the classroom. A professor would introduce himself to a class by explaining that he will sometimes make factual errors, unjustifiable conclusions and even portray his opinions as facts. After this, he tells them that they are apart of “Accuracy in Academia” and their duty is to correct the professor. They must gather all of the professors’ mistakes and then recite them back to the professor. This is iconic for a few reasons. Firstly, it is something that I have never heard of before. It gives the students a realization that unpretentiousness and humbleness exists in a professor. Stereotypically a professor can come off as bold, assertive and very sure of himself or herself. By the professor initially telling the class that I am not perfect and I will make mistakes will have a positive role on how the class will acquire knowledge. It will be open for discussion for the students to talk about if the professor stated his or her opinion as a fact. This can help the students in their future so that they will not state their opinions as

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